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A picture can't adequately show our dogs so we have uploaded actual videos on our Facebook "Ten Talents Farm" page.

Cedres (7).JPG


Cedrus also came from Red Gate Farm in Illinois and a Generation 2 CMD. He is 90% Pyrenees and carries typical Pyrenees badger markings, as did his sire. Also broad built like most Pyrenees. Loves other dogs and digging as a pastime. OFA Hip certified and DNA tested. 


Qwerk 4.jpg


Quirk is a Generation 2 CMD out of Sadie (a purebred Anatolian Shepherd), sired by our Yetozzie, born June 2019. She loves to be by your side whether hiking or choring, and will throw color in pups. OFA certified and DNA tested. 

Spensa (7).jpg


Spensa is a full sister to Quirk, also out of purebred Anatolian Shepherd Sadie, sired by Yetozzie, born June 2019, and a G2 CMD. More laid back than her sister and a great livestock guardian. Currently being OFA certified; DNA testing will come this spring. 

Retired Breeders



Tirian (3/4 Great Pyrenees, 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd out of Ohio) came into the CMD program in 2010 as our second stud (Caspian was the first - you can see him on Wendy Francisco's site). He is a beautiful large dog who sired most of the pups born in 2011 & 2012, and was one of my very best livestock guardians. He had an incredibly protective nature and actually carried a pair of newborn goats up to my porch in inclement weather to protect them. Unfortunately, he ran off with my female in heat and was neutered by a well meaning shelter in 2012. Tirian was rehomed during the Black Forest Fire evacuation with a friend where he still functions as a livestock guardian.

Reg (1)_Moment.jpg


Regidor "Reg" is a purebred Maremma that I introduced into our CMD program several years ago because of the Maremma's strong loyalty and keen intelligence. Maremmas are a working class as opposed to guardians, so they prefer to work along side their owner as opposed to independently. They also tend to be much more active than Great Pyrenees,  so people who loved his pups were generally very active themselves who wanted their dog to accompany them in their activities as well as be a livestock guardian. Reg is now retired (living out his life on my farm), but Tayla, his daughter, is one of my favorite females whose puppies sell quickly. 



Arwen (out of River, a Great Pyrenees Wendy Francisco brought into the program, and Caspian) was a great family dog and livestock guardian but was a little more temperamental towards those outside the family, meaning she didn't always fit the "people-loving-dog" we strive for.  Personality is a key factor in our breeding program so I retired her several years ago. She was a bit of a wanderer, probably because I got her from a Girl Scout Ranch that covered 500 acres where she could go where she wanted. She was fierce against predators and had been know to challenge a bear. I have many thrilled owners of her pups.  Titan (another current stud) is her son.

Lil (3).JPG

Lilliandil "Lil"

Lilliandil "Lil" is out of Caspian (Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd) and Snow (Great Pyrenees, Hungarian Kuvasz). These are the original two that started the Colorado Mountain Dog program.  She is also a full sister to Aravis (Housefull of Bessings).  She is easy going, great with livestock and children, and very loving.
OFA Hip and Eye certified.



Sadie is the daughter of Lilliandil (Lil) and Titan, and our tallest female. She is a gentle giant and great protector of all our livestock. Unfortunately, we lost Sadie at the end of February due to a freak accident. Though we hadn't had her long, we loved her dearly. She will be sorely missed. OFA Certified

Tayla & Lani.jpg


Taylaminkadot "Tayla" is out of Regidor (Maremma) and Lil (Caspian & Snow). She is very much like her mother in both looks and temperament, and Jack Daniels, the first service dog in the CMD program,  is her full brother. The half Maremma in her has created a wonderfully loyal companion dog who stays right by my side when not guarding.
OFA Hip, Shoulder, and Elbow Certified.
Also Eye Certified

mom 045.JPG


Titan is the offspring of Tirian (Great Pyrenees & Anatolian Shepherd out of Ohio) and Arwen (Caspian & River, another outcross female Great Pyrenees). Both Tirian and Arwen were my dogs so Titan was born on my farm. He's big, beautiful, and has a great temperment. Owned by Travis Pfaltzgraff of Canon City. OFA Hip Certified.



Yetozzie came from Iris of Red Gate Farm in Illinois and a Generation 1 CMD.  His father is a purebred  Great Pyrenees roughly 7 years old at time of breeding and very healthy.  He has a very gentle disposition and is broad built like most Pyrenees. OFA Hip certified.



Birth date: 01-16-2019
Parents: Yetozzie & Sadie

Tenika is a great dog. She's been raised around sheep, goats, chickens and cats, and loves children and adults. Up-to-date on all immunizations. She was held back as a possible breeder but rehomes due to inadequate "female plumbing."




Nimbus in the offspring of Tayla and Titan, so he's a Generation 3 Colorado Mountain Dog. Born early 2016. He looks small here but he'd just blown his coat; actually he's a big boy, close to his dad's height but carries the "Golden" look of his mom. Owned by Joanna Nabeta. OFA Hip Certified.  

Picses (6).JPG


Pyxis is currently my oldest female and a full sister to Lil. Both are out of Caspian and Snow.  I love her even temperament and conformation, and she's great with livestock, loves everyone, has wonderfully soft fur, and is tall like her father Caspian (she towers over Lil by almost two inches). OFA Hip Cerfified. 

Anfy (34).jpg


Amphie, unlike the rest of our studs, is not Great Pyrenees. He is half Maremma, one quarter Akbash, and one quarter Kuvasz which makes him a dog bred to work under a shepherd rather than independently, and more active than a laid-back Pyrenees.  He is from Speights' Farm, Colorado out of Oso and Hunter, and a G3 CMD. Born July of 2019, he will soon be be OFA Certified. 

IMG_3130 2.jpg


Fiona is a third generation CMD out of Aravis (Snow/Caspian) and Titan (Arwen/Tirian). Great with livestock, but loves to be in the house too. OFA certified. DNA tested. 

Meet Our Dog Pack



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