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 Colorado Mountain Dog Guarantee

Our farm strives to breed puppies that will live long, full lives. With that in mind, all of our Colorado Mountain Dog breeding females and studs are vet checked and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc.) certified.  In addition, each puppy is fully vet checked, micro chipped, receives his or her 1st shots before leaving Ten Talents Farm (TTF), and is guaranteed to be free of any contagious life illness for five days from date of pick up. This puppy is also guaranteed for 15 months from date of birth (DoB) to be free of hip dysplasia and true congenital problems (as opposed to genetic predispositions) for one year provided the following conditions are met:


1. The puppy must be within three weeks of date of sale, and all immunizations given on schedule. Puppies should not be exposed to other dogs until fully immunized. Rabies can be given at 3 months.

2. The puppy should This allows bones, muscles, and ligaments to fully develop and helps prevent future joint injuries/problems. The puppy must also be fed a high quality puppy food for the first 4 months of life, preferably one for large breed puppies. 


3. If a serious health problem is suspected, buyer may either TREAT THE PUPPY AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE OR RETURN THE PUPPY to TTF to determine the course of action. Either way, vet receipts, vet diagnosis and suggested treatment plan must be sent to TTF. You will also need to let your vet know that TTF will be contacting them. Resolution can take up to one year.


4. Upon return of any sick puppy, it will be examined fully by TTF’s veterinarian who will confirm, or deny, the diagnosis. Should a discrepancy between veterinarians occur, a third veterinarian will be consulted. At any time in this process, TTF may choose to just replace the puppy. Should that be the decision, the buyer will be provided with another puppy of the same sex and quality as soon as possible. Cash refunds are generally not given regardless of circumstances.


5. If , whether in health or temperament, buyer agrees to CONTACT TTF FIRST FOR RESOLUTION, and never consider a lawsuit against TTF. Under no circumstances will the buyer publicize any damaging information about TTF, nor will TTF intentionally misrepresent the truth about any dog or person. This includes broadcasting negative opinions and information on Facebook or any social media that could damage TTF’s reputation.


6. The buyer is responsible for providing adequate shelter, proper diet, and necessary health care which includes vaccinations, worming, and routine veterinary care. This includes any tests or x-rays the buyer feels are necessary to provide proper care for their pup.


7. This : GUARANTEE DOES NOT COVER 1) Random health problems that occasionally occur 2) Accidental injury or those caused by neglect on the part of the buyer 3) Problems from environmental factors or human error 4) (cancer is one of these, but so far we’ve only had one case over 10 years). Pannus, an eye disease that is more common in Colorado than other parts of the country due to our strong UV rays, is another (use dog goggles when outside in bright sun and snow for extended periods). 6) Knee Problems - No vet or organization will certify knees. Your puppy’s first vet check includes checking the integrity of the back legs but structural problems, especially knees, are not un-common is large breed dogs. Please check around your home for holes that could cause injury, and please be sure to inform us of any health concern that may arise in your pup or adult dog so we can continue to improve our breeding program. 7) Some vets recommend tacking your dog's stomach up so it cannot flip in their large chest cavity and possibly cause death. While this can happen in large breed canines, we have not seen it and it is not hereditary. Making sure your dog eats slowly helps prevent this.


8. There is no guarantee concerning your puppy’s temperament, trainability, size, color, or worthiness. We highly recommend that you attend puppy obedience classes and learn puppy training techniques, or hire a trainer if problems arise. Puppy daycare is another good place for your puppy to learn good manners. The adult temperament of your puppy will be based largely upon your ability to properly socialize and train him/her. Training teaches your dog that you are in charge and is absolutely necessary!


9. We have no return policy due to our zoning and the additional cost & time a returned puppy requires (initial quarantine, evaluation, and continued training). However, we do offer up to six ½ hour training sessions by phone to help you with any behavioral problems that may arise.


10. There is NO GUARANTEE THAT THIS DOG CAN BE REGISTERED AS A COLORADO MOUNTAIN DOG BREEDER. All potential breeders are reviewed by the CMDA board to evaluate temperament and guarding ability, plus the dog must be health checked at two years old and OFA certified. In addition, a ONE-TIME BREEDER FEE will be charged by TTF equaling the original purchase price of the dog (minimum of $1000).


(719) 244-4468

We'll be happy to answer any questions when we're available.



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Black Forest, CO  80908

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