Covid aside, the last 18 months have been challenging for our breeding program! Not only did we lose a well-loved dog from a freak accident, we just found out that our lovely young Tenika cannot conceive on her own due to faulty “plumbing” and that our matriarch, Pyxis, probably had her last litter a year ago (no special reason, she’s just “done”). And in 10 years of breeding, we’ve never predicted our litters wrong, but as many of you know, 2020 was very different with not one, but two females who didn’t whelp as expected! So, looking ahead…


Health has always been a primary concern of this farm, and we endeavor to choose breeding stock from dogs that have a proven longevity. All our dogs are screened for potential hip dysplasia through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, but now we are adding DNA testing to check for possible genetic conditions that could contribute to future health problems. Testing on animals is not on a par with testing on people, so nowhere near as extensive or accurate, but it’s a start.


Next the question arises, “Who are our breeders?” Provided everyone passes our new testing requirements, our breeding females are: Quirk, Spensa, and Fiona. Our breeding males are: Yetozzie (Toz), Cedrus, and Amphie. Their bios are below, but the Colorado Mountain Dog Association sticks with a mix of five livestock guardian dogs: Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd, Kuvasz, Maremma, and Akbash. Our dogs are primarily Great Pyrenees; the other breeds are added to improve health and attentiveness.   


Expected Puppies:

Quirk & Cedrus’ puppies are due mid-March; ready to go home the end of May.

Spensa should give us pups this coming May (stud to be determined). 

Fiona should give us pups this coming summer (stud to be determined).

Training your Livestock Guardian

& Family Friend

No puppies available until Spring, though we are taking reservations for pups coming! 

We're excited to add two new females to our program, sisters that are half purebred Anatolian Shepherd, and sired by our Yetozzie. The Anatolian will bring greater health to our lines, as well as more color from the Anatolian - should be interesting.  

We also are trying our two new studs, both already CMDs, and can't wait to see their potential as adults! 

Our training protocol is also evolving as we endeavor to greater enable our pups to face future challenges. 

Our goal is to further develop our skills dealing with farm dogs and their particular traits so that

no dog need ever be rehomed for bad behavior.


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Ten Talents Farm

Our farm is dedicated to breeding & training the best Colorado Mountain Dogs / Livestock Guardian Dogs  available that will love & guard both family & livestock whether on the farm or hiking trails.  

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