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2023 Updates

To all of you who have been trying to get ahold of us at Ten Talents Farm, we
apologize. We have been dealing with a major medical situation in our family
that has not allowed us to focus enough on our farm to keep things
running smoothly, if a
t all. It is going to take some time to get back into full swing,
but we are working hard to keep you all updated from this point on.

PUPPIES:  We hope to have a litter of puppies later this year, probably mid summer
or early fall, 
out of Spensa or Quirk (both Pyrenees/Anatolian mix)
bred to Cedrus (full Pyrenees). As you may have already read,
the Anatolian was brought into our lines to improve health. 

OLDER DOGS:  We have several retired breeders ranging in age from three to seven, and varying in price from
$150 - $600. All of them must be spayed or neutered and
under no circumstances are to be used for breeding.


Retired Breeders looking for a good home.

Fifi (16).JPG
Fifi (10).JPG


Fiona is a G3 female CMD out of Aravis  (Snow/ Caspian) and Titan (Arwen/Tirian) who absolutely loves EVERYONE! Great with livestock, but really wants to just love on her people and be in the house so we want to sell her as a companion dog. Can jump fences, but primarily just to get to her owner. She will be sold cheaply ($200-300), but comes with a spay contract. 

About 5 years old and in great health. Call 719-244-4468



Yetozzie came from Iris of Red Gate Farm in Illinois and is a Gen 1

CMD.  His father is a purebred  Great Pyrenees that lived to 12 or 13.  He has a very gentle disposition and is broad built like most Pyrenees. We turns 7 years old this year, and will sell cheaper just because of his age.  Can't be used for breeding.

No puppies available until Spring, though we are taking reservations for pups coming! 

We're excited to add two new females to our program, sisters that are half purebred Anatolian Shepherd, and sired by our Yetozzie. The Anatolian will bring greater health to our lines, as well as more color from the Anatolian - should be interesting.  

We also are trying our two new studs, both already CMDs, and can't wait to see their potential as adults! 

Our training protocol is also evolving as we endeavor to greater enable our pups to face future challenges. 

Our goal is to further develop our skills dealing with farm dogs and their particular traits so that

no dog need ever be rehomed for bad behavior.



Ten Talents Farm

Our farm is dedicated to breeding & training the best Colorado Mountain Dogs / Livestock Guardian Dogs  available that will love & guard both family & livestock whether on the farm or hiking trails.  

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